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SEM Vice President to Speak at Upcoming SSA Tradeshow in Dallas, TX

Concurrent Educational Session (Manager Track)

Enhancing Your Facility Management Skill Set for Success, March Chase, Southeast Management Company
We live in a world and work in an industry that has and continues to rapidly advance in technology. Human interaction, in most cases, has been replaced by automation. Email and texts are more preferred methods of communication than phone calls or face-to-face meetings. Yet, we put significant emphasis on supreme customer service as a quality and imperative that our stores and industry must adhere to. As an owner’s biggest asset, the self storage manager is key to a self storage business’s success. This session will help a manager create a mindset for success; understanding how to view yourself, fully understanding the power of self-confidence and self-esteem and creating a strategic vision to know what’s next, what’s needed and working to advance your skills to make your store the best it can be.

2016 SSA Management Firm Registry

Make sure to check out our full page ad in this year’s upcoming SSA Management Firm Registry. A sample proof is listed below in the link.


SEM Hires New Director of Sales

Southeast Management Company is pleased to announce a new addition to its team. Effective January 2016, SEM hired Susan Head as Director of Sales. Throughout her career, Susan has traveled the US and Canada for the last 20+ years in outside sales divided between the industrial industry with the last 12 years in the self storage industry. Having begun her career in the self storage industry as VP Sales of Property Management contracts, she then transitioned into the position of VP Operations, Sales & Marketing for multiple facilities located on the east coast. After the sale of all the managed facilities and having vast experience in all aspects of the self storage industry, Susan received the opportunity to put her skills towards expanding the facility portfolio for Southeast Management Company.

Susan lives in Troutman, NC with her husband and new puppy Harley. They have 4 adult children and 5 wonderful grandchildren.

Established in 2009, SEM is a full-service management and consulting company dedicated to assisting facility owners and operators by offering a wide variety of services. SEM’s solid commitment to the improvement of every facility and owner client only helps to strengthen and enhance our industry overall.

2016 SEM Company Retreat

February 12th and 13th marked the 5th Annual Company Retreat at Southeast Management Company. Each of the last two years, we have incorporated a theme that we use to propel us into and throughout the new year. Last year’s theme was “Listen 2015” and the importance that practice carries in our industry when dealing with customers. We further expanded upon that idea to enhance our own internal operation and engrained in our personnel that by listening, you can listen someone into greatness. It’s all about how you listen. Listening is not to get what they’re saying, but to make them great.

So, to build upon that in 2016, we focused on the three C’s and the art of “Front Stabbing.” Front Stabbing, the opposite of back stabbing, is extreme candor. This year we wanted to create a culture of candor; one in which employees drop the polite workplace veneer to give each other blunt feedback. However, we also want to ensure that the candor lands softly. Therefore, we introduced the remaining two C’s, of which Candor was the first. The second “C” was Compassion; understanding it’s not easy to receive blunt feedback, nor is it easy to give it. It’s imperative to have a sense of compassion for both sides of the coin. Finally, the third “C” was Consistency. In order for anything to be successful, we must be consistent in our practice.

So wish us luck in 2016 and remember the words of Oscar Wilde who wrote, “A true friend will always stab you in the front.”