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Progress Continues at PMB

Plantation Storage- Myrtle Beach expands new phase

Plantation Storage- Myrtle Beach is building a new phase adjacent to its existing 575 units and 68,400 NRSF. The new phase will bring the total combined unit count and NRSF to 1,315 units and 149,761 NRSF.

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Pictures from the SEM 2017 Retreat

SEM Annual Retreat- 2017

This year, SEM will be holding its Annual Company Retreat in Bluffton, SC. Each year in February, SEM gathers ALL company personnel for a weekend getaway, typically in a new city each year, to collaborate on improving performance, refining skill sets, learning what’s new in the industry and receiving awards for a previous years hard-work and goal accomplishments. This year’s retreat will be especially exciting as SEM has added several new accounts and employees to its portfolio and has several new items to discuss such as updated state lien laws, enhancements to the company website, the launching of an internal, proprietary online rental platform and much more. Stayed tuned for a recap and pictures from this year’s 2017 Annual Company Retreat!

SEM Has their own Fully Comprehensive Online Rental Platform

More Money-More Rentals
More Money-More Rentals

Fully Comprehensive Eco-Friendly Online Rental Platform is a fully comprehensive online rental platform. It is fully functional across all types of devices. By providing a customer the ability to rent anytime from anywhere, is Eco-Friendly and reduces the carbon footprint associated with the traditional “drive-time” to a storage facility to rent a yoonit. is not a waiting list platform. It is not a reservation module, nor a semi-complete rental experience. is customizable, allowing the unification of a facility’s preferred systems and layout. allows customers to purchase all offered POS items, such as boxes and locks. It is equipped to provide complete documents for tenant insurance coverage. creates customer empowerment, whereby the customer chooses the pace of their rental process. The user controls all facets of the rental process, plus it is available 24/7/365. reduces customer-touch. There are often some rental terms and conditions that can be negotiated in the traditional “manager-to-customer” store level rental transaction. removes the temptation to and opportunity for negotiation and therefore steers more revenue to a facility’s bottom line. drives more rentals and makes more money!! Call or email today for additional information or to schedule a private demonstration.