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Migration Patterns

Calling all Owners and Managers….aren’t you curious where people are moving to? Aren’t you curious where they’re leaving? You should be. The success of your business depends on information like this.

United Van Lines publishes an annual Migration Study each year with the top 5 states people are moving to and the top five states people are leaving. By requesting additional data from United, you can drill down to identify which cities within the states people are migrating to or from.

According to United’s 2013 Migration Study, “The Carolinas each made the top five with South Carolina at 60 percent and North Carolina at 58 percent inbound moves. North Carolina has been on the high inbound list every year since 1993, and South Carolina has held a spot on the top inbound list 16 out of the past 18 years.”

So, if your facility is in the Carolinas, this is great news. Make sure you keep tabs on future information like this and in the meantime, find out if your city/town has become a hot spot destination.