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SEM’s Best Practice’s List

SEM would like to share some of its tips for success:

1. Understand the financial impact and importance of your Fee Income. Don’t Waive it; Collect it!!! Admin fees, invoice fees, cut lock fees, 24 hr. access fees, auction fees, transfer fees, etc.
2. Keep a pulse on the Macro: Review United Van Lines Migration Report/ Review Recreational Vehicle Industry Association Reports/ Divorce Rate/Baby-Boomers/Hispanic Communities/Macro & Micro Population Statistics/ Consumer Spending: Bureau of Labor Statistics.
3. Attend and become more involved in your Local State Association.
4. Communication between an Owner and Manager is paramount. Set expectations; achieve desired results.
5. Hire objective third-party “eye” to give you a new perspective on your operation.
6. Attend a Tradeshow(s).
7. Mystery shop your competition.
8. Mystery shop your managers.
9. Stand up and greet every customer.
10. LISTEN: An experience to make someone great.
11. Take advantage of industry forums and software tutorial videos.
12. Curb appeal: Never under estimate the importance of it.
13. Phone etiquette. Unbelievably important, especially in an industry and a world where everything is gravitating to automation. Never dismiss the value a customer has in speaking with a “live” person. Imperative to ask for and use a customer’s name throughout the entire conversation.