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Site Evaluation: When the cat is away, the mice will play….

Southeast Management Company can provide you with a real picture of what is going on at your self storage facility when you are not there. Unlike other mystery shopping companies that hire “shoppers” with no operational experience, we use proven operations personnel with actual experience out in the field to evaluate just how effective your team is. Our belief is that if you want a true analysis of what is going on at your property, you should use a company that not only has the experience in the industry, but has consultants with proven history as multi-facility managers doing your mystery shops, not a part time student or house wife trying to make some spending money. The answer is obvious. You need a return on your investment and to do so you need a report created by experts you can use to improve the performance of your facility.

Southeast Management Company is offering a HUGE Spring Discount evaluation of your self storage facility that consists of a person site shop to ensure your house is in order before leasing season begins in full swing. Our shopping service is designed to give you a real world picture of just how your customers are being treated by actually visiting your location. After the shop is completed our team will meet with you at your convenience to discuss our findings.

Just imagine the possibilities if you could clearly see how your staff is handling potential customers when you are not present.

To schedule an in-person site shop and receive your 50% Spring Discount, contact us via email at [email protected] or call March Chase at 804-436-2596 for details.